Friday, January 13, 2017

A Look At CURE

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credits to CURE international


  1. The GSV team enjoyed a supportive nite w/ violin/piano,drama by Lighter Side Players last night. We watched several CURE videos, understanding more clearly why we say YES to Cure's invitation to partner w/ them Feb. 11-19th...where "Healing Changes Everything"We ask for your prayers for the team and the Dominicans who will teach us about courage and hope. May we have teachable hearts! M&M Harnish

  2. So we are 1 week away from going to partner w/ CURE. As we pack the bags to leave w/ the hospital, schools and SS kids, may we exchange courage, laughter.May we learn some spanish words. May we know how to give and receive love,even w/o words. It is the week of love's expression, Feb.14th! May God teach us how He heals our broken hearts, as a pefect Father.