Monday, February 13, 2017


We arrived at Cure hospital early in the morning and met with the spiritual director Jose for an orientation.  Paola and Eucrys were also there who are part of the spiritual life team.  We made bracelets, valentine and get well cards for the children recovering in the hospital ward which we will be distributing tomorrow after their surgeries.

Pastor Jose, Eucrys and Paola

Gloria our wonderful translator
Today was consultation day at the hospital.  The children came and met with the doctors to discuss the options regarding their orthopedic medical procedure.  As the families were waiting to be called, the team interacted with the children by playing with bubbles, face painting, nail polish, toys, match box cars and various other activities. 

In the afternoon we visited a family with a son who was born with a deformity.  His name is Jonathon.  He has had two surgeries at Cure hospital and his mother Yolanda is hoping to see her son walk some day.  The team prayed with them both and sang a song to Jonathon.  His smiles brightened up the room and touched all of our hearts.  Please pray for Jonathon's healing!

In the evening we visited with Eliana, who is the owner of the Air BnB we will be staying at Friday and Saturday night.  She has a home that has a panoramic view of the ocean and city.  She was a gracious host and provided drinks and snacks for the team along with wonderful conversation.

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