Thursday, February 16, 2017


Today the team had many ministry opportunities.  We arrived at the hospital and had devotions then interacted with the children in the ward as they prepared and recovered from surgery.  We provided ministry support and heard personal testimonies. 


In addition, we went on a prayer walk throughout the hospital and prayed over staff in each department.  This was a truly moving experience and a powerful spiritual connection for us all.

In the afternoon, we held a VBS for the children at a church in the village of Virgen.  We played with the parachute, colored art pages and provided them with a packed lunch we prepared at Cure earlier in the day.

Tomorrow morning we will be going to the hospital for devotions and then head to the Air BnB for a few days of rest and relaxation by Caribbean Sea.  Thank you to all who have been following along our journey and praying for the team.  This was truly a team effort!

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  1. Ahhhh, a week of learning courage from Dominicans and sharing lives together w/ staff at CURE....and families . Then, ahhhhh the Caribbean sea! We are home now reflecting and laughing w/ memories.